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W. Kamau Bell Roy Wood Jr. Natasha Rothwell Punkie Johnson: Comics, Catalysts, and Change Makers

Putting the "represent" into "under-represented," superstar sociopolitical comedian W. Kamau Bell plays host to Front Row 2019, a once-in-a-lifetime, only-at-UC Berkeley experience. This year's program, created specifically by UCB students for UCB students, celebrates the power and presence of African-American artists and entertainers as leaders, cultural critics, and change makers. 

Front Row 2019 celebrates the talents of four talented creators who will open a window into their creative process, personal challenges, and public/private identities. These brilliant comics and public personalities will share both the products of their talent and the ways in which they create their work. After introductory performances, the floor will be open for conversation in real time via Twitter and a variety of social media platforms, creating a vibrant Q & A session between audience and artists as the Front Row guests discuss the responsibility of being public figures and catalysts for changeā€”a status made all the more complex when set within the context of race. 

W. Kamau Bell is best known as the host of the Emmy Award-winning CNN docu-series United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell as well as his Netflix stand-up comedy special Private School Negro. Joining Bell on stage are The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr., Insecure's Natasha Rothwell, and the raw and ruthless stand-up comedian Punkie Johnson.