Our Vision

Five pillars guide PWC in its mission to increase health and wellness at Berkeley Law


Mission and history

The Peer Wellness Coalition (“PWC”) is a student organization dedicated to increasing wellness and mental health resources  in Berkeley Law and in the legal profession more generally. Studies consistently reveal an unacceptable prevalence of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues among lawyers and law students even as compared to other demanding professional vocations. PWC is committed to reversing this trend by providing Berkeley Law students the resources necessary to (1) manage their wellness and mental health needs and (2) develop the skills and habits required for maintaining work-life balance. PWC aspires for students to take these skills with them as they enter the legal and other professions.

PWC will achieve these goals by developing a platform that gathers and makes more accessible the wellness resources on campus. PWC will plan its own programs while also  supporting the programming of other student groups aligned with PWC’s mission. The five pillars of the organization will orient our programming: (1) Daily Coping Skills, (2) Physical Wellness, (3) Mental Health, (4) Alcohol and Substance Use/Dependence, and (5) Interpersonal Relationships. We also plan to continually engage with students to better understand and, when possible, combat,  the sources of mental health issues in law school.

We hope the priorities and efforts of PWC will gain attention and spread to other law school student organizations. We also hope that PWC’s work will inspire both law school administrations and law firms to invest more institutional resources in wellness and mental health.


We can be reached at peerwellnesscoalition@gmail.com. In the alternative, feel free to speak to any Committee member about any PWC-related questions or concerns.

We thank you for your patience while we continue to work on the content in this page.